yagmap - electronic forms that deliver results

A yagmap eform is an electronic form that can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The data is transmitted to a database held within the yagmap cloud which can be viewed by authorised individuals only.

Here’s an example:

A market research agency has been contracted to carry out a survey using 400 researchers who are registered with yagmap.

Knowing the email addresses and/or user names of the 400 researchers the form is instantly deployed so that field agents can access the form on their mobile devices (laptops, smartphones and laptops) and the call centre agents on their desktop computers.

The forms are then completed with the data being transmitted in real time to the database which can be accessed by the internal research analysts and the end customer who has commissioned the project.

No paper documents, re-keying or unnecessary cost is required and the full authenticity of field-completed surveys is assured by enabling GPS location on the survey form so they are completed where they are supposed to be!

Other examples of where yagmap forms can be used are:

Mobile workforce:

  • job reports and timesheets;
  • inspections e.g. Health and Safety;
  • near miss and similar compliance reports;
  • audits;

Facilities management activities

  • statutory testing and inspections;
  • resource booking


  • competitions;
  • exhibition visitor details

We have created a set of standard forms for your own personal or business use, which are available as soon as you sign up for your free yagmap account. These can be shared with other members of your team or you can have bespoke forms created to fit your own particular requirements.

Please contact us at enquiry@yagmap.com for further information or why not register for free now and give it a test drive.