SAP Business ByDesign Custom Solutions

We have excellent experience in developing solutions integrating with SAP Business ByDesign utilising the SAP provided web services to either push data into ByDesign or extract data from ByDesign.

We have experience providing standalone solutions to extract document attachments, such as supplier invoice attachments and solutions built on top of the yagmap platform to provide add-on services to further enhance your ByDesign implementation. Examples of solutions built on top of the yagmap platform include a proof of delivery app and 3PL outbound delivery execution confirmation for those 3PL providers where it is not cost effective or technically feasible to integrate.

We also have an ever growing portfolio of iOS apps, predominantly aimed at the iPhone, to support supply chain processes within the warehouse plus our unique proof of delivery app.

If you would like to discuss any requirements you may have where we could assist or to discuss some of our existing solutions or even just for some advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

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