SAP Business ByDesign Customer Invoice Extraction

With SAP Business ByDesign your customer invoices are automatically generated as PDF files and either printed or emailed directly to customers. This is great functionality and streamlines your business processes saving time and money.

What if you need to extract these customer invoices in bulk?

This may be the case because you are being audited, are switching to another ERP system or just need an offline backup. Whilst it is relatively simple to extract master data via the Data Extraction feature and transactional data via reports there is no easy solution available as standard for extracting customer invoices and any attachments that were sent with them.

The only recourse for this as standard, apart from manually downloading them one by one, is by creating an incident with SAP support to extract them for you and make them available to download. This is fine, but SAP will take some time to complete your request and if you then need some more you have to raise another incident and wait again.

To better support you in this process, we have developed an application for downloading customers invoices in bulk. Our application allows you to load in a simple list of invoice numbers and, when you run the application, it will check each invoice in turn and download the output customer invoice PDF plus any attachments saved to the invoice to a folder which is named with the invoice ID.

So that can make the application cost effective we offer it hard coded to a particular tenant at a cost of £200 per tenant. We believe this is incredible value to money as it enables you, as a ByDesign customer to download customer invoices whenever they are required and as often as you require without needing support from SAP or paying somebody to download them manually. If you are a ByDesign partner doing this on behalf of your customer then our application will save you enormous amounts of time and mean you are able to offer a more cost and time efficient service.

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SAP Business ByDesign Customer Invoice Extraction