Outbound Delivery App IconOutbound Deliveries iPhone App for SAP® Business ByDesign

Outbound Delivery Task List Confirming a task item

The Outbound Deliveries iPhone App for SAP® Business ByDesign has been designed to enhance your warehouse’s outbound delivery process by enabling confirmations of deliveries directly from your mobile device.

Before confirming outbound deliveries we recommend you resync the app with your SAP Business ByDesign system by pressing the ‘Refresh Outbound Tasks’. This will then download all the new and in process outbound deliveries for the site you have configured in the application settings allowing you to confirm deliveries whether or not you are in range of your wifi network.

You can then select the outbound task to confirm, and then choose which item from the order you are confirming.

Once in the item confirmation screen, you can then confirm the quantity received, whether it is restricted stock, the target logistics area you will be picking the stock to (if you are using two step pick/load) and a deviation reason if the delivery is complete but not all expected quantity is available.

As you confirm each delivery item, the information is automatically uploaded to you SAP Business ByDesign system in the background, but if for any reason you are offline because you are out of network cover then the details are stored within the app until the next time you back in range at which point you can upload the data to your system.

Our app directly connects to your SAP Business ByDesign system so any data stored offline is local to your mobile device and not stored on any third party systems.

App Settings

Outbound Delivery App Application Settings Screen

When you first use the Outbound Delivery App you will be required to enter the details for your SAP Business ByDesign system. Please see the later section “SAP® Business ByDesign Configuration” for information on what needs to be completed in order to set your system up for use with the app.

The app will allow you to process deliveries by site so please enter the site ID that you will be confirming deliveries for.

If you are scanning the logistics areas you are picking from, or scanning product barcode labels, then there is the option to include the barcode prefixes that may be used — please speak with your system administrator about this if you are not sure what prefix to enter.

If you are using a two step logistics model, please select this option.

If you are also using a shipping staging area and will always pick items to this area then you have the option to enable this in the application settings. If you enable the toggle for the ‘Always pick to a staging area’ option, you can then enter the logistics area that you will always pick to. When confirming pick tasks you do have the option to override this if needed.

Once you have entered all the required information please press the ‘Save Settings’ button to go back to the main app screen with the list of open outbound tasks.

Deviation Reasons Configuration Screen

Deviation Reasons

Deviation reasons are used when confirming a partial delivery and the delivery is complete and you will not be picking any further items for it. Prior to using the app for the first time you need to synchronise the available deviation reasons.

Due to the nature of the available web services in ByDesign the app will download all available deviation codes even if they are not relevant for outbound deliveries, so you will need to remove the deviation reasons that are not relevant by swiping left to delete them.

You can check which reasons are valid by matching the options in the ByDesign task confirmation screen.

Outbound Delivery App with Confirmation Errors Button

Confirmation Errors

Occasionally errors can occur which prevent the outbound delivery task confirmations from saving to your SAP Business ByDesign system. This could happen for example if the password has changed.

If this occurs you will see a button appear on the main task list view which will allow you to review these errors and either resubmit the task confirmation to your SAP Business ByDesign system or delete it if you have confirmed it manually already.

SAP® Business ByDesign Configuration

In order for the app to work with your Business ByDesign system you will need to create a new communication arrangement.

You can view the official Communication Arrangements Quick Guide at SAP Help.

Please ensure you set the user authentication method to be username and password.

The web services, or APIs, required for the Outbound Deliveries app are:

  • Query Site Logistics Tasks
  • Manage Site Logistics Tasks
  • Query Code Lists
  • Read Goods Tag
  • Query Identified Stocks
  • Query Materials

To create the communications arrangement, please follow these steps:

  • 1.Go to Application and User Management - Communication Systems
  • 2.Create a new communication system:
    • 2.1.ID: OBDAPP
    • 2.2.Host Name: OBDAPP
    • 2.3.System Access Type: Internet
    • 2.4.Add a System Instance with ID: OBDAPP and Preferred Application Protocol: 5 - Web Service
    • 2.5.Click Save and then activate it (Actions button)
    • 2.6.Finally click Save and Close
  • Communication Systems Configuration
  • 3.Now go to Application and User Management - Communication Scenarios
  • 4.Create a new communications scenario:
    • 4.1.Communication Scenario Name: OBDAPP
    • 4.2.Add the following operations (there are the Service Descriptions):
      • 4.2.1.Query Site Logistics Tasks
      • 4.2.2.Manage Site Logistics Tasks
      • 4.2.3.Query Code Lists
      • 4.2.4.Read Goods Tag
      • 4.2.5.Query Identified Stocks
      • 4.2.6.Query Materials
    • Communications Scenario Configuration
    • 4.3.Click Save and Close to finish
  • 5.Go to Application and User Management - Communication Arrangements
  • 6.Click New to create a new communication arrangement:
    • 6.1.Communication scenario = OBDAPP
    • Creating communication arrangement - Step 1
    • 6.2.Click Next
    • 6.3.System Instance ID = OBDAPP
    • Creating communication arrangement - Step 2
    • 6.4.Click Next
    • 6.5.Authentication Method = User ID and Password
    • Creating communication arrangement - Step 3
    • 6.6.Click Edit Credentials to set the password
    • 6.7.Click Next
    • 6.8.Click Finish

Now use the user ID _OBDAPP and the password you entered in step 6.6 in the app settings!

If you do have any questions that aren’t answered here, have any feature requests or would like to discuss a personalised version specifically for your business such as extension fields or your own company branding then please do not hesitate to contact us: support@yagmap.com.