Proof of Delivery App IconProof of Delivery for SAP® Business ByDesign iPhone App

Our Proof of Delivery for SAP® Business ByDesign iPhone app is designed to provide you with the ability to confirm your customer deliveries at the door step or the customer’s business premises. Using our app you are able to capture the exact date and time and location that the delivery took place, along with capturing relevant comments (such as left with reception) and a mandatory signature.

The process that we follow is simple:

SAP ByD Proof of Delivery App Image

To implement this you need to ensure in your logistics model that the outbound delivery is not automatically released if you are using warehouse tasks or, if you are using the ‘Post Goods Issue’ method, don’t release the delivery. If you have released the outbound delivery, don’t worry you can always undo the release!

Here are some instructions on the use of our app but if you do have any questions that aren’t answered here, have any feature requests or would like to discuss a personalised version specifically for your business such as extension fields or your own company branding then please do not hesitate to contact us:

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iPhone Settings

iPhone Settings Screen

In the app settings within the standard iPhone settings app, you can update the ByDesign URL, User ID and Password that is used to connect to your ByDesign system.

In addition, there are some fine tuning settings to personalise the app to better meet your needs:

Show Location Map:

This controls whether the mini location map is displayed when entering the delivery details. The default is for the map to display as it is often useful to be able to see the map to confirm it has been captured correctly, however you can turn this off to shrink the screen space used by the app.

Show Reset Signature Button:

This controls whether to allow the signature to be cleared in case of a mistake. The default is for this not to be enabled in order to prevent accidental deletion of the signature.

Numeric Only Delivery ID:

If your delivery ID is purely numeric, then enabling this will change the keyboard to a number pad when entering the delivery ID. This setting is not enabled by default.

Enable Delivery Photo:

If you would like to take a photo of the delivery as an alternative to a signature, for example the recipient is not in so you want to have proof the delivery was left in a safe place or for social distancing reasons, you need to confirm delivery without a signature then enabling this option gives you this facility.

With delivery photos enabled, you can confirm the delivery with either a signature or a photo, or both. The default is for this feature to be enabled.

Enable Barcode/QR Code Scanning:

Rather than entering the delivery ID manually, enabling this option enables you to scan a barcode or QR code to capture the delivery ID. This saves time and reduces any inadvertent errors typing in the delivery ID.

By default this option is enabled. We recommend using QR codes when possible as these are quicker for the iPhone camera to decode but this is not essential.

The barcode types supported are:

1D: Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 (Mod43), Code 93, EAN8, EAN13, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-14, UPC-E

2D: QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix, Aztec

From within settings, you can also amend the permissions for location and camera access and check which version of the app you have installed.

SAP Business ByDesign Connection Details

iPhone App Connection Settings Screen

When you first open up the Proof of Delivery app you will be prompted to enter your SAP® Business ByDesign tenant connection details.

The show help option will give you some instructions to follow to configure ByDesign ready for the app which we reproduce here:

The simplest method to enable the app to connect to your SAP Business ByDesign system is to enable the Shipping Service Integration feature.

To do this, go to the Business Configuration work centre and choose the Implementation Projects view. Select your implementation project and click Edit Project Scope. In the Scoping step of the project, ensure that Outbound Logistics is selected within Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics.

In the Questions step, expand the Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics scoping element and select Outbound Logistics. Select Shipping Service Integration and answer the question related to integration with web services offered by shipping service providers.

This should create two communications arrangements called 'Shipping service integration - Service 1' and 'Shipping service integration - Service 2' in the Application and User Management work centre. Select one of them and choose Edit Credentials and set a password. The user ID and password should be entered below or in the app settings in the device's settings app. The tenant URL is just the URL of your ByDesign, for example:

iPhone Delivery Entry Screen iPhone Delivery Signature Screen

Confirming Delivery Details

The main screen you will see, assuming the ByDesign tenant details are completed, whenever you open the app will be the delivery confirmation screen. From here you can confirm the delivery by simply:

  • Entering the delivery ID either by typing it into the field or pressing the barcode image to scan a barcode or QR code
  • Check the location is correct using the mini location map if that is easier - click the ⇧ icon to update this
  • Complete any relevant comments such as if you have left the delivery in a safe place
  • Press "Add Signature" to open the signature screen and ask the recipient to sign to confirm receipt of the delivery (click Back when finished)
  • If enabled in settings, press "Add Photo" to take a photo of the delivery as an alternative to a delivery signature
  • Press "Confirm Delivery" to save the delivery

Delivery Errors

iPhone Delivery Error Details Screen

If for any reason the app is unable to successfully update the delivery in SAP® Business ByDesign then the error is logged in the ‘Delivery Errors’ section available on the main screen (this menu option only appears if there are errors).

When you go through to the delivery error details you can see the error details and any technical response from ByDesign if available. You can use this in conjunction with your key users to determine what the issue is and resubmit the delivery when ready.