Proof of Delivery for SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a great solution for mid-sized businesses supporting most business processes needed by such organisations, but allowing the flexibility to tweak these built-in processes where necessary. However, there are some missing features that many businesses would like in place to ‘complete’ the process. One such missing feature is a method to capture the proof of delivery, particularly for those businesses that have their own transport or delivery fleet.

Proof of Delivery Solution Image

We are pleased to announce that we now have developed two possible solutions to this. We have our iPhone app solution and another solution built on top of the yagmap platform.

For more information on our iPhone app, click here, but our solution built on the yagmap platform supports all device types and allows your delivery drivers to capture the GPS location of the delivery, any relevant notes (e.g. where left if not in), a signature from the recipient and the option to take a photo of the delivery address, such as for secure deliveries or if the package is left unattended.

The yagmap proof of delivery app is a web based solution so it is platform agnostic so not tied to Android or iOS. This means you can simply load it up via Chrome or Safari on your smartphone and so you don’t need any new equipment for your drivers. Our solution is offline compatible, so providing you have loaded the proof of delivery form at least once, you can always access it offline simply by bookmarking it - including saving it to your home screen and running it as a web app.

When working offline, all data is stored locally on your device and the next time you connect online it will sync up to the yagmap cloud, at which point the data will then be automatically sent onto your ByDesign system. In the event your ByDesign system is offline, for example the weekly maintenance or quarterly upgrade cycle, then the data is kept securely within yagmap until ByDesign is available again.

The advantage of using our solution is that the form can be customised to meet your exact business needs; so for example if you require capturing additional notes then we can add that field to it and make it mandatory if required. Likewise if you have extension fields that need to be captured then these too can be included along with adjusting the field types to match your needs, for example a drop down list rather than a free text field, or adding field validation to ensure only the correct data is entered.

If you are looking for a proof of delivery solution for ByDesign, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you and offer a free trial on your test tenant.

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