SAP Business ByDesign Supplier Invoice Attachment Extraction

With SAP Business ByDesign you can store many attachments against business documents, or even master data; in fact as far as we are aware SAP don’t put a limit on these attachments. When reviewing a business document or some master data, such as a product, you can view the attachments simply by selecting them and clicking download.

However, what if you need to extract these attachments in bulk? This may be the case because you are being audited or are switching to another ERP system or just need an offline backup. Whilst it is relatively simple to extract master data via the Data Extraction feature, and transactional data via reports, the only recourse for attachments is, aside from manually downloading them one by one, an incident to SAP to extract them and make them available to download. This is fine, but SAP will take some time to complete your request.

We have developed a tool for downloading supplier invoice attachments in bulk. Our application allows you to load in a simple list of invoice numbers and, when you run the application, it will check each invoice in turn and download any attachments saved to the invoice to a folder which is named with the invoice ID.

Whilst we currently have this tool readily available for supplier invoice attachment extraction, we can very quickly bring to market similar functionality for other SAP Business ByDesign documents, such as customer invoices.

If such a tool could be useful for your business, then please do not hesitate to contact us at for further information.

SAP Business ByDesign Supplier Invoice Attachment Extraction