Why yagmap?

As a team we have decades of experience working in various sectors and company sizes, from start-ups to multi-nationals. We know that the best solutions for business not only solve a problem or improve upon an existing business process, but also are simple and easy to use.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to develop a close working relationship with our customers. By doing this we believe we can better add value to your business and get the feedback that is so important to further develop yagmap allowing it to provide even more for your business

Why use yagmap for electronic form processing?

using yagmap for field surveys

Paper based forms are inefficient and untimely, particularly when completed by many different remote workers. It takes time for them to be returned and then more time when the data has to be input into electronic systems.

Using yagmap cuts out the cost of paper as yagmap forms are completely electronic. Yagmap also eliminates time delays as forms are available instantly to the user and response data is transferred each time a form is completed. Critical information can be processed as soon as it becomes available. In addition, unlike paper forms, you can see exactly when and where the form was completed!

How do yagmap forms work?

Yagmap forms are really easy to use. When someone is given access to a form, it is instantly made available in their forms list and they can start using it straight away. Yagmap forms work both on traditional computers (desktops and laptops) and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It has been tested on iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows Phones and Blackberry smartphones.

If a form is being completed on a smartphone or tablet, yagmap automatically detects whether there is an Internet connection. If one is not currently available, all the form data is stored until a connection becomes available at which point it is uploaded automatically. This means your remote workers can continue to complete forms even in the remotest places! In addition, if your device supports location services, as most modern smartphones and tablets do, it will use the GPS signal (if available) for the most accurate location or fall back to the device's preferred alternative or either wi-fi or cell network.

Why use yagmap for group messaging?

There are many times in business when you need to communicate with your team, clients or suppliers confidentially and need the reassurance that this information cannot be accessed by others. This is why we created yagmap. Yagmap is aimed at businesses to provide a secure and private group messaging solution that works on desktop devices via an intuitive dashboard and on any smartphone that has access to the internet. All communication is encrypted using bank levels of encryption.

How does yagmap group messaging work?

messaging contacts through yagmap With yagmap you can simply and easily create multiple groups of communication networks ('groups') which can contain any number of invited people. All members of a group can share messages but these messages stay within the group. They cannot be seen by anyone outside of the group. Furthermore, people outside of the group cannot see that the group exists so you can name them easily without needing to resort to code names.

Every group has an owner and any number of members. If you are the group owner you choose who the members are and can amend this at any time. When you add someone to the group an invitation email will be sent to them inviting them to join the group. When they accept the invitation, they can participate in the group and see all of the conversations.

In order to keep up to date with what is going on in your groups without having to be permanently logged in to yagmap, you can choose to be notified by email when a new member joins a group and/or when a member posts a message to the group.

If you are a smartphone user, you can also check yagmap using our specially designed mobile version of the site, simply browse to yagmap and you'll be automatically directed to the mobile site where you can post messages, send invitations and pretty much do everything you can do on the desktop version!

There are no limits to how many groups you can create nor how many people you can have in your groups.